cover的短语 cover表遮盖;
洒上的意思,那么你知道cover的短语有哪 些吗接下来小编为大家整理cover的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦! cover的短语:
break cover 1. (被追捕时)突然从藏身处(尤其是丛林中)出来 cover one"s back 1. (非正式)预见并避免受攻击(批评) cover a multitude of sins 1. 隐瞒(掩饰)许多问题(缺点) 粉刷可以掩饰许多毛病,包括很差的砌砖工作。

stucco could cover a multitude of sins, including poor brickwork. cover one"s position 1. 购买证券为了实现可以出售的承诺 cover one"s tracks 1. 隐瞒证据 cover the waterfront 1. (北美,非正式)涵盖很广;包括事物的各个方面 尽管一半是意大利菜,炊事人员却来自五湖四海。

while half the dishes are Italian, the kitchen covers the waterfront from Greece to Morocco. from cover to cover1. 从(书或杂志的)第一页到最后一页,从头到尾 under cover of 1. 在…掩护下 游艇在夜幕的掩护下靠岸了。

the yacht made landfall under cover of darkness. under plain cover 1. 在未注明发送者的信封(包裹)内 under separate cover 1. 在另函(另包)内 cover something up 1. 遮蔽;遮盖;掩盖;掩饰 cover (one"s) tracks 1. 灭迹:掩盖痕迹以甩掉追踪者 cover (the) ground 1. 越过:以令人满意的速度越过指定距离 2. 处理,完成:以某种方式处理或完成某事 历史课在六周内涉及很广 The history course covered a lot of ground in six weeks. take cover 1. 躲藏:为躲避敌人火力而寻求躲藏或保护 同义词辨析:
cover, lid这两个名词都有"盖子,遮盖物"之意。

cover :

lid :

1. Just play it safe, cover your ass, keep your head down. 要谨慎行事,保护好自己并保持低调。

2. Pack the fruits and nuts into the jars and cover with brandy. 把水果和坚果放进罐子里,用白兰地酒浸泡。

3. I should point out that these estimates cover just the hospital expenditures. 我应该指出,这些估算仅包括医院的费用。

4. The cashier dived for cover when a gunman opened fire. 出纳员在持枪歹徒开枪时冲向藏身处。

5. A cheap table can be transformed by an interesting cover. 一块趣味盎然的桌布就能使一张廉价桌子面目一新。

6. Shoppers took cover behind cars as police marksmen returned fire. 警方的射击手开火回击时,购物者们躲在汽车后面。

7. Motorways actually cover less than 0.1 percent of the countryside. 高速公路的实际覆盖面积还不到农村地区的0.1%。

8. He wears a cap to cover a spot of baldness. 他戴帽以遮斑秃。

9. Lean the plants against a wall and cover the roots with peat. 把植物靠墙摆放,用泥煤盖住根部。10. Those figures might not even cover the cost of breakages. 那笔钱甚至都不够赔偿破损费。

11. The Oxford Chemistry Primers aim to cover important topics in organic chemistry. 《牛津化学初级读本》丛书旨在论述有机化学中的重要问题。

12. Robinson was sent to Italy to cover the 1990 World Cup. 鲁宾逊被派到意大利报道1990年的世界杯比赛。

13. Cover with plastic film and refrigerate for 24 hours. 覆上保鲜膜,冷藏24小时。

14. Charles lit the fuses and they ran for cover. 查尔斯点燃了导火索,他们便赶紧四处躲避。

15. Why would she cover for someone who was trying to kill her 她为什么要包庇想要杀她的人呢